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Our Group activities are concentrated in the upstream segment of the oil palm industry, particularly in the Estate Plantation operations which we produce the Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) and the running of palm oil mills where the processing of FFB purchased to produce Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel (PK). The Group also has rubber plantations for latex.
Rubber Plantation Malaysia | Oil Palm Plantation Malaysia

Working Towards A World Best Local Plantation Group

As at 2011, the Group owns approximately 10,000 hectare of estate plantation land and operates a 45Mt/Hr ( expandable to 60Mt/Hr) palm oil mill in Sabah. An expansion into Sarawak in 2012 is in the pipeline which will see the Group's land bank increasing by approximately another 8,000 Hectare and an additional two palm oil mills. Besides oil palm, the Group has a rubber plantation in Pahang, which is still in the planting stages, of approximately 4,000 hectare. The rubber plantation will be mature for tapping for latex in 2014.
Rubber Plantation Malaysia | Oil Palm Plantation Malaysia
Rubber Plantation Malaysia | Oil Palm Plantation Malaysia
It has always been the Group's philosophy to become the premier producer of the products it offers by implementing the industry best practices in it's daily activities, both in business policies and green environmental policies, and at the same time balancing it with our social responsibilities.

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